An exclusive Tier 1 investment opportunity with a London based film production company.


London Video Productions operates within the cultural heart of the UK. By working with us, investors will be offered an international platform for long term business prospects, citizenship and access to the best education facilities, as well as unique red carpet experiences.


The Tier 1 Visa opportunity we are offering will enable you to invest £2,000,000 in our UK based company whilst accessing significant benefits:




  • New travel opportunities – a visa will allow travel to Schengen countries

  • Access to the best UK education facilities which are respected worldwide

  • An exciting opportunity to work with London Video Production’s slate of three films giving long-term and low risk investment with lucrative returns

  • Access to a UK based film company that has experience and longevity

  • A great opportunity to be involved with a company that offers professional services as well as owning tangible assets, making any investment low risk

  • The chance to experience the UK film industry at a defining point in its history



  • 新的旅行机会 – 有关签证允许前往任何申根国家

  • 获得全球尊重的最佳英国教育设施

  • 这是一个激动人心的机会,与伦敦录影制作公司合作制作三部电影,利益包括长期低风险投资以及丰厚回报

  • 有机会参与一家具有经验和长寿的英国电影公司

  • 这是个绝佳机会参与一家提供专业服务以及拥有有形资产的公司,使到任何投资风险较极低

  • 有机会在英国电影历史上的一个定义点体验英国电影业


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