A Lesson in Korfball

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Have you ever attended a Korfball match?

This past week LVP worked with England Korfball Inspired to spread the word about the sport Korfball and how to gain accreditation for your local club. We talked to a few Korfball players and representatives from England Korfball Inspired, and found that those playing the sport are extremely passionate about it – you may even meet your future spouse!


What is Korfball?

Similar to netball and basketball, Korfball is a ball sport with two teams of eight. The players on each team can be either all female or split four men and four women. There is a mixed-gender league and a women’s league, but no men’s league. To score a teammate must throw the ball into a bottomless basket mounted to the end of a pole. This makes for a fast-paced game with lots of scoring and defending from each player. Originated in the Netherlands, Korfball is currently played in over 60 different countries, with two alternating national tournaments.

Check out Korfball at: http://www.englandkorfball.co.uk/


Everyone at LVP learned a lot about Korfball this week. In fact, we may even start our own club…


A Sea of Social Media

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Over the past few years, our commitment and dependency on social media has grown tremendously as the world becomes more and more hooked to being online. When you go online today, the options are endless. You can post a tweet to Twitter, share a status on Facebook, post a blog on LinkedIn, upload a photo to Instagram, or get lost discovering the hundreds of other social media sites that have been created for our use.

Looking at all of the options and learning about each of the new sites can be overwhelming at times, it can even make you want to not join at all, but there is a reason all of these types of sites are so popular. Businesses can reach audiences that they never would have before. Someone can share their thoughts and ideas to thousands of people at a time. And maybe most importantly, people can start and grow connections with other people that are in their community or thousands of miles away.

We can often get so consumed by how many likes or retweets our posts get, that sometimes our message that we want to send out can be overlooked. It doesn’t matter how many followers your page has if you have nothing to share or nothing to say. That’s why here at London Video Productions, my co-workers and I are trying to grow our presence on social media by sharing the things we have learned in and outside of the industry, as well as sharing day to day things that we experience together.

Though there are a lot of social media platforms that we have yet to join, we are working on establishing relationships with people on the ones that we are already a part of. We are starting and joining a two-way conversation, as well as growing our company along the way. By sharing our skills and knowledge, we hope to help our community as well as learn from other leaders and members when they share their ideas.

This topic has been discussed time and time again, so much so that it seems to be an obvious fact now that people don’t focus on. But we have to be conscious of social media and the impact it has on our lives. Social media will always be growing and evolving, but the core idea will always be the same. So, be considerate. Share your ideas. Grow relationships. And remember the message.

Top tips for shooting great video

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Here are a few useful tips for shooting better video. Hopefully this will be helpful for any beginners/hobbyists.

movie clapper board

Helpful Tips for Shooting Great Video:

• Auto settings can be useful but if you want to be creative set your camcorder to manual & read up about the manual settings in advance of your shoot
• Video cameras need to be told what the colour white is! They are then able to set other colours in relation to this. So set the white balance at every location. Carrying out manual white balance is always better than pre-sets
• When shooting outdoors always consider the position of the sun – the perfect key light!
• Always plan your shoot – It’s more cost-effective to make your initial shooting decisions in advance rather than make those decisions on location while the cast and crew wait for you to make up your mind – try to do a location recce whenever possible – it will save time and money!
• Keep audio in mind when carrying out the location recce – are you on a flight path? Will that construction crew be drilling adjacent to where you are filming that crucial interview with the CEO?
• Use a tripod or other image stabilising device or use the IS function – Image stabilizing – if handheld.
• Shoot to edit bearing in mind that your average shot length will be between 4 and 10 seconds but try to give yourself at least 5 seconds run up before a shot becomes useable and 5 seconds after it has reached its ideal end so you have flexibility in the edit suite.
• Be as inconspicuous as possible to capture realistic behaviour
• Don’t allow your subject to sink to the bottom of the video frame by positioning their eyes at the top 1/3 of the screen
• Always keep looking at foreground and background as you shoot to make sure nothing distracting enters the shot.
• Only pan occasionally and don’t overuse on-screen zoom – looks amateurish and you don’t want to give your audience motion sickness!
• Always look for interesting angles rather than keeping in one spot and placing every subject in the centre of your frame.
• Don’t shoot everything from standing eye-level
• In general make sure your subject is well lit rather than too much light falling on the background, unless going for a specific ‘look’.
• Have fun!

Radio 4 moments

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The other day we had the wonderful opportunity of recording the actor Tom Graham for a voiceover session.
Tom is most famous for his roll in the world’s longest running soap ‘The Archers’ on Radio 4.

For 17 years he played the character Tom Archer but in November 2014 quite suddenly got written out of the programme when a new editor was brought in. This was to the dismay of avid ‘Archers’ followers and the great British public were in an uproar which led to a twitter and media frenzy!

Anyway, all that aside, Tom was a lovely guy who was a true pro and delivered the goods with time to spare for a chat and a cuppa!


LVP’s leap second

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Today, Tuesday 30 June, a leap second will pause clocks at midnight as the entire planet gains a second.

This leap second is designed to allow the Earth’s rotation (which is gradually slowing) to catch up with atomic clocks. The Earth’s rotation fluctuates daily and is slowing down due to a phenomenon known as “moon drag”. Without correction, civil time would slowly drift and in approximately 800 years from now the sun would be at it’s highest point at 1pm rather than midday.

To acknowledge this fascinating event we have put together 24 frames of working at London Video Productions. Each time you view Our Leap Second at LVP a different image will leap out.