Vacation or Staycation?

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It’s brightened up here in London and got many people convinced that summer may have finally arrived. With so much to do in London, and now with good weather, is it worth it to travel to another country when you can have just as much fun here?

We are going to try and organize some thoughts about each so we can decide…



Vacation: The office is too muggy, the kids are driving you crazy and any mention of Brexit talk has you wincing. Maybe it’s time for a vacation?

Leaving GB can offer a getaway from everything that reminds you of daily life and transport you into another culture. England is in a great area because many different countries are only a short plane ride away. Take a romantic trip to the Eiffel Tower in Paris or go to the beach with the family in Italy and experience something different than what London has to offer.


Staycation: The weather is finally good and all of your mates are in town for the summer. With all the free events and summer-themed parties, staying home for these few months could be a good idea.

Exploring London can be very attractive to many people, and with a plethora of different and interesting parts of town there is always something new to see.  Furthermore, in the summer there are free events almost every weekend like food festivals, music concerts, and open-air venues that are only open during this time.



Should I stay or should I go?