A Lesson in Korfball

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Have you ever attended a Korfball match?

This past week LVP worked with England Korfball Inspired to spread the word about the sport Korfball and how to gain accreditation for your local club. We talked to a few Korfball players and representatives from England Korfball Inspired, and found that those playing the sport are extremely passionate about it – you may even meet your future spouse!


What is Korfball?

Similar to netball and basketball, Korfball is a ball sport with two teams of eight. The players on each team can be either all female or split four men and four women. There is a mixed-gender league and a women’s league, but no men’s league. To score a teammate must throw the ball into a bottomless basket mounted to the end of a pole. This makes for a fast-paced game with lots of scoring and defending from each player. Originated in the Netherlands, Korfball is currently played in over 60 different countries, with two alternating national tournaments.

Check out Korfball at: http://www.englandkorfball.co.uk/


Everyone at LVP learned a lot about Korfball this week. In fact, we may even start our own club…


A Sea of Social Media

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Over the past few years, our commitment and dependency on social media has grown tremendously as the world becomes more and more hooked to being online. When you go online today, the options are endless. You can post a tweet to Twitter, share a status on Facebook, post a blog on LinkedIn, upload a photo to Instagram, or get lost discovering the hundreds of other social media sites that have been created for our use.

Looking at all of the options and learning about each of the new sites can be overwhelming at times, it can even make you want to not join at all, but there is a reason all of these types of sites are so popular. Businesses can reach audiences that they never would have before. Someone can share their thoughts and ideas to thousands of people at a time. And maybe most importantly, people can start and grow connections with other people that are in their community or thousands of miles away.

We can often get so consumed by how many likes or retweets our posts get, that sometimes our message that we want to send out can be overlooked. It doesn’t matter how many followers your page has if you have nothing to share or nothing to say. That’s why here at London Video Productions, my co-workers and I are trying to grow our presence on social media by sharing the things we have learned in and outside of the industry, as well as sharing day to day things that we experience together.

Though there are a lot of social media platforms that we have yet to join, we are working on establishing relationships with people on the ones that we are already a part of. We are starting and joining a two-way conversation, as well as growing our company along the way. By sharing our skills and knowledge, we hope to help our community as well as learn from other leaders and members when they share their ideas.

This topic has been discussed time and time again, so much so that it seems to be an obvious fact now that people don’t focus on. But we have to be conscious of social media and the impact it has on our lives. Social media will always be growing and evolving, but the core idea will always be the same. So, be considerate. Share your ideas. Grow relationships. And remember the message.

Video – a booming trend?

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With the never-ending launch of high-end handsets the video boom is well underway.

By 2018, apparently up to 80 – 90% of global consumer Internet traffic will be through video. On Facebook alone video has become the leader of content and has left the good old-fashioned photograph behind.

Marketing professionals’ state that video content generates the best ROI with 93% of them currently using video for online marketing, sales and communication. Businesses are being encouraged to use video to help deliver a two-way interaction, making their brand more personable.

But what about quality I hear you say?
If there’s a good story to tell, it doesn’t necessarily have to be super quality. However, a badly produced video can actually damage a business/brand. A good video should be well shot and edited with clear sound and well thought out messages. High quality does make an impact. The last thing you want is your viewers’ struggling to hear what is being said or remembering the badly lit room/set!


Video isn’t thought of as a time consuming activity, can simplify and transfer complex information and is far less strenuous than reading. In this age of the short attention span, a dynamic and exciting video will fully engage with viewers converting them neatly into potential clients.

The revolution will be televised…online. Can you afford not to be a part of it?