A video production is the commissioning of a short film that can be uploaded on to social media, a website or used as a presentation for conferences, exhibitions etc. The production can be simple, with just one camera or more complex with several cameras and a filming crew.
The cost depends on the project and each project is so different. We would normally discuss your initial ideas and offer advice to complete a brief. Then we would give an outline cost, highlighting any extras that may occur.
A thorough brief and good planning always helps keep costs down.
We can look at ways of reducing costs, for example cutting down location shoots where possible or coordinating filming and interviews on the same day.
Also by planning ahead you can reduce overall costs. For example if you’re likely to shoot another video in the near future, we can take this into consideration by trying to capture things on film now to reduce costs the next time round.
The more detailed the brief the better. Here are some points to think about and help you focus:

  • Who are your target audience?
  • Why are you making a video?
  • What are your key messages?
  • What mood and setting do you want your video to capture?
  • How many people will feature in your video?
  • How are you planning to distribute the video?
We are always happy to consider re-editing existing footage to be incorporated into your new video.
Content marketing normally does not deliver an instant return and can take up to nine months. By providing your audience with content that is engaging, entertaining or educational, eventually you should notice more traffic to your site. This will then lead to more enquiries, conversions and ultimately new business.
Patience will bring results.
There are so many options and it depends on how you would like to distribute your film. We are experts in video encoding we will advise which would be best to suit your needs.
It really depends on your requirements, as every project is different. The bigger the production the longer it takes, for example if your video involves actors and several locations or digital / music editing it will take a lot longer to complete. But, we always meet your deadline.