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Anyone who regularly uses the internet has come across one or two stray YouTube videos. Friends post them on social media, your co-workers talk about them at the office, and your mom emails them. For many of us these internet sensations are our guilty little pleasures. Adding an extra cat video or prank video to our day is just what we need to make things less dull.


The popularity of a video at the right time can also serve to rocket someone completely unknown to celebrity status. Hit the trends at the right time and you could be the next internet sensation, even if you are only a one-hit-wonder. The impact these YouTube videos and their popularity have on the world is notable, and a popular video can lead the creator to starring on talk shows, getting job offers, and making the evening news! These videos not only make for great conversation, but can also be very informative and keep you on top of some current events across the world.

As a video production company we are always following the updating lists of new and interesting content (and making some of our own). We do what we do because it allows us to create our own content and collaborate with other artists to make theirs!

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