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If you’ve kept up with the news in the last week or so, you likely came across an article about the new application Pokémon Go. Created by Niantic, Inc. and partnered with The Pokémon Company and Nintendo, this app has quickly become the one of the most popular in the world.


The game combines the world of Pokémon in an augmented reality that allows users to experience catching Pokémon at real locations. Using GPS and camera, players can capture and battle Pokémon nearby as they appear in the real world through the camera. This means that the players must physically travel to explore the game and is one reason why the new application is so popular. Already released in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, the game is becoming available in other countries soon, and was just released in Japan today.

Though the application is very popular, there are still many bugs that have been shown to come up for users. The game crashes very often because of the mass amounts of people trying to play, and a frozen screen is not uncommon. New updates are predicted to come soon, at which point, it seems, this app will rule the world!

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