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What’s the number one best way to travel around London? How about the best way to get to work in the morning?

Well, that depends who you ask. There are many different forms of transportation here in London, and what is best for one commuter is not best for another. For many the London Underground and Overground trains are the most convenient and time-saving because they span for miles inside and around the city. Also popular, and somewhat confusing, are the abundant bus routes that can take you across London to select locations depending on the number bus you take. Cycling and walking can also be an option for those within close range to their office. Even driving in London is common for those lucky enough to have a parking spot waiting for them when they arrive.


However convenient some forms of travel may be, they each come with their risks. The possibility of delays and congestion for the trains, buses, and cars in London is a common hindrance for many travellers. Just make sure your boss also takes the tube, and then you won’t be the only one late to work. Cycling and walking means that inclement weather or rain (something common in London) creates a hazard and may slow travels. No matter how you travel, make sure to leave time for these all-too-common occurrences so you can show up to work fresh and on-time!

What do you think the best way to travel is? We operate right on the edge of Zone 1 in London and everyone that works at LVP takes different transportation – just another perk of working in Shoreditch!

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