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Nestled in Shoreditch, on one of London’s most visually stimulating streets, you will find live music, delicious food, murals and more. Challenge yourself to eat at as many of the more than twenty curry houses located on the street, possibly at night when the neons light up the whole block. Walking the length of the cobblestone road packed with shops and the best graffiti in London is also a sight.

Come eat at the great food trucks that open up for lunch and then shop around at all the artsy and designer businesses located close-by. Spitalfields Market is also a street over, and home to dozens of vendors selling everything from handmade leather goods to top hats and watches. There’s even a booth selling pillows with famous personalities printed on them, except that all the stars are replaced by dog or cat look-a-likes (think Brad Pitt-bull)!




But, best thing about Brick Lane are the businesses and the people. Home to many companies in art and media, the area offers lots of insight into rising trends. Lots of the people that work at these businesses are young and excited to express themselves. Leave the office during lunchtime and you will find a mix of tourists and officemates out enjoying the area.


We at LVP love being situated right in the heart of Brick Lane: it’s part of what makes our job so great! What do you like about it? What will be your next adventure when you come to Shoreditch? Let us know in the comments, we are always looking for something new to do!

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