Pokémon Go – The Global Phenomenon

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If you’ve kept up with the news in the last week or so, you likely came across an article about the new application Pokémon Go. Created by Niantic, Inc. and partnered with The Pokémon Company and Nintendo, this app has quickly become the one of the most popular in the world.


The game combines the world of Pokémon in an augmented reality that allows users to experience catching Pokémon at real locations. Using GPS and camera, players can capture and battle Pokémon nearby as they appear in the real world through the camera. This means that the players must physically travel to explore the game and is one reason why the new application is so popular. Already released in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, the game is becoming available in other countries soon, and was just released in Japan today.

Though the application is very popular, there are still many bugs that have been shown to come up for users. The game crashes very often because of the mass amounts of people trying to play, and a frozen screen is not uncommon. New updates are predicted to come soon, at which point, it seems, this app will rule the world!

Vacation or Staycation?

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It’s brightened up here in London and got many people convinced that summer may have finally arrived. With so much to do in London, and now with good weather, is it worth it to travel to another country when you can have just as much fun here?

We are going to try and organize some thoughts about each so we can decide…



Vacation: The office is too muggy, the kids are driving you crazy and any mention of Brexit talk has you wincing. Maybe it’s time for a vacation?

Leaving GB can offer a getaway from everything that reminds you of daily life and transport you into another culture. England is in a great area because many different countries are only a short plane ride away. Take a romantic trip to the Eiffel Tower in Paris or go to the beach with the family in Italy and experience something different than what London has to offer.


Staycation: The weather is finally good and all of your mates are in town for the summer. With all the free events and summer-themed parties, staying home for these few months could be a good idea.

Exploring London can be very attractive to many people, and with a plethora of different and interesting parts of town there is always something new to see.  Furthermore, in the summer there are free events almost every weekend like food festivals, music concerts, and open-air venues that are only open during this time.



Should I stay or should I go?

British Summertime

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What is it about London in the summer that is so attractive to tourists and travellers from all over the world? Well… we’d like to think it has something to do with the weather, but probably more so with everything else that is happening.


Each weekend there are tons of free events going on throughout London, including ethnic food festivals, concerts, indoor markets, and special events you can’t find anywhere else in the world! Grabbing one of those newspapers or magazines off the street will keep you up-to-date with all the fun happening during the week, and research online will also keep you ahead of the game to finding sold-out events for you and your mates.

London is also sunniest during the summer (maybe not this year), and many of the events take place outside in beautiful places like Hyde Park or along the Thames River. We all rather enjoy proper summertime here at LVP, and take any chance to get out of the office or to enjoy the sunshine on a Saturday. So next time it’s not raining and something good is happening in your neighbourhood – check it out! London is too big a city to be seen from inside your flat!

London Travel

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What’s the number one best way to travel around London? How about the best way to get to work in the morning?

Well, that depends who you ask. There are many different forms of transportation here in London, and what is best for one commuter is not best for another. For many the London Underground and Overground trains are the most convenient and time-saving because they span for miles inside and around the city. Also popular, and somewhat confusing, are the abundant bus routes that can take you across London to select locations depending on the number bus you take. Cycling and walking can also be an option for those within close range to their office. Even driving in London is common for those lucky enough to have a parking spot waiting for them when they arrive.


However convenient some forms of travel may be, they each come with their risks. The possibility of delays and congestion for the trains, buses, and cars in London is a common hindrance for many travellers. Just make sure your boss also takes the tube, and then you won’t be the only one late to work. Cycling and walking means that inclement weather or rain (something common in London) creates a hazard and may slow travels. No matter how you travel, make sure to leave time for these all-too-common occurrences so you can show up to work fresh and on-time!

What do you think the best way to travel is? We operate right on the edge of Zone 1 in London and everyone that works at LVP takes different transportation – just another perk of working in Shoreditch!

YouTube – The Internet Sensation

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Anyone who regularly uses the internet has come across one or two stray YouTube videos. Friends post them on social media, your co-workers talk about them at the office, and your mom emails them. For many of us these internet sensations are our guilty little pleasures. Adding an extra cat video or prank video to our day is just what we need to make things less dull.


The popularity of a video at the right time can also serve to rocket someone completely unknown to celebrity status. Hit the trends at the right time and you could be the next internet sensation, even if you are only a one-hit-wonder. The impact these YouTube videos and their popularity have on the world is notable, and a popular video can lead the creator to starring on talk shows, getting job offers, and making the evening news! These videos not only make for great conversation, but can also be very informative and keep you on top of some current events across the world.

As a video production company we are always following the updating lists of new and interesting content (and making some of our own). We do what we do because it allows us to create our own content and collaborate with other artists to make theirs!

Brick Lane

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Nestled in Shoreditch, on one of London’s most visually stimulating streets, you will find live music, delicious food, murals and more. Challenge yourself to eat at as many of the more than twenty curry houses located on the street, possibly at night when the neons light up the whole block. Walking the length of the cobblestone road packed with shops and the best graffiti in London is also a sight.

Come eat at the great food trucks that open up for lunch and then shop around at all the artsy and designer businesses located close-by. Spitalfields Market is also a street over, and home to dozens of vendors selling everything from handmade leather goods to top hats and watches. There’s even a booth selling pillows with famous personalities printed on them, except that all the stars are replaced by dog or cat look-a-likes (think Brad Pitt-bull)!




But, best thing about Brick Lane are the businesses and the people. Home to many companies in art and media, the area offers lots of insight into rising trends. Lots of the people that work at these businesses are young and excited to express themselves. Leave the office during lunchtime and you will find a mix of tourists and officemates out enjoying the area.


We at LVP love being situated right in the heart of Brick Lane: it’s part of what makes our job so great! What do you like about it? What will be your next adventure when you come to Shoreditch? Let us know in the comments, we are always looking for something new to do!

Wimbledon on Television

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Excited to see Djokovic play, but you’ve shown up late to the queue and can’t get a seat at The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club? No problem! Screens are popping up all over London to watch the championships for the next two weeks, and if you’re already inside the stadium the screens there will provide an even better view.




Each year, thousands flock to Wimbledon to watch world-famous tennis players compete. Even more people, however, watch the matches from their home or local viewing area. None of this would be possible without the video coverage of the matches in real time. This way you can watch Serena or Nadal play live while also being ‘present’ at your workplace. Without crews filming Wimbledon, there would be nothing to watch for most of us! Video and camera services are big reason why live sporting events are so enjoyable to watch for many people. So go out, or stay in. Whichever way you want, these live broadcasts deliver all the action straight to wherever you are.

Need video coverage for your next event? Our staff here at London Video Productions can help make the occasion more viewable than ever with live streaming! We’ve got a friendly and hardworking staff that collaborates with our clients to produce great work, whether it’s streaming or post-produced video.

Wimbledon was not always broadcasted live, so it’s not too late for you make your next event the most popular yet! Give us a call and ask about live streaming.