About Us

The Value of Professional Video Production

At London Video we have a background in social documentary, this enables us to truly engage with our clientsby finding the human stories behind the businesses we work with, whether they are international brands or bespoke enterprises and charities.

Through visuallt superb material, impact editing and an emotionally engaging approach, our work reaches a wide target market and creates understanding and empathy. Our proven services come at competitive prices and we offer special discounts for charities.

Meet the Team



Mike Stride

Producer and sound recordist with a strong financial background. I am fascinated by health and education issues that can be explored through film. I have really enjoyed highlighting important health and educational issues that have led to changes in outlook and perspective. For me it is important to work with integrity and in close contact with clients to ensure their needs are fully met. As a professional I think that my proudest achievements have to include creating DVDs on lack achievement, cancer, adoption, filming in Africa and running a workshop with children in care. My most amazing experience is completing the London Marathon despite a knee injury. Mike has a degree in accounting and finance.


Ros Gihan Williams

Director and camera operator with a passion for new and innovative projects, Ros has worked at Channel 4 Multicultural and Night Time Departments. I’ve always loved film. Originally I wanted to be a film critic then I thought “instead of just sitting around why don’t I make the films!” I love how emotions can be stirred and empathy can be conveyed through watching other people’s experiences. My most memorable experience was travelling across Gambia and Senegal with little sleep and food and yet being able to immediately switch on to a completely professional mode once it was time to film. Being invited to the Desh Pardesh film festival in Toronto to run a workshop on transracial adoption as a result of our film ‘Love is Not Enough’ was definitely one of my proudest moments. And believe it or not I’ve slept in the same hotel bed as Steven Spielberg in Kandy, Sri Lanka, I wonder if any of the creative genius rubbed off on me! Ros has a degree in Film, Video and Photographic Arts from the University of Westminster


Andrew Wallis

Executive Producer, interested in creating projects about healthy eating, music education and Eastern European politics. I have many interests but I love film, especially documentary film. My favourite way of spending my time is sitting in the back row at the ICA cinema eating apples, drinking coffee & watching documentaries. I am a mature apprentice I love learning. 'I am most proud of going into Brixton prison to help inmates to learn to play chess, a game of which one the tenets is that actions have consequences. I really enjoyed working on our film for the wonderful charity Cancer Black Care. My Philosophy is to always try to make the World a better place. My most profound experience was listening to Cantono Lontano performing Santa Casa di Loreto, alle ore 21 by Francesco Spinacino da Fossombrone, wonderful Spanish music of the renaissance. At the end of the performance, most of the huge audience were crying. Andrew has a background in law , market research and Lucozade.


Marcel Henc

Editor and Web Developer, experienced in FCP, Adobe Premiere, Motion, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, After Effects and IT. I am from Slovakia I have been in the UK for eight years and I am very interested in developing my career in film editing and web development. I am always interested to learn new softwares. Moving to the UK in 2004 was one of the biggest learning experiences in my life with new language, culture and of course opportunities. At the moment I am a student of Business IT.

Jess Langley

Production Assistant for London Video Productions. I have learnt a great deal working within the company from how to use to cameras all the way through to editing a final piece. Although I have done work experience within the media industry during my school years this is my first long running job working in production. I have gained skills and had new experiences working within the company and aim to continue doing so. Along side my work here I am a student of American Studies.


Umbreen Khan

Camera operator and editor at London Video Productions. I watch a lot of films and used to spend a lot of time in front of the TV but never thought about being behind the camera. The first camera I used to film for work was hired out from London Video two years ago and I've been filming ever since! Apart from the actual filming, I love the process of setting up a shoot - from the equipment list to untangling cables at the end of the day. The experiences I have, the places I go and the people I meet through filming cannot be compared! Umbreen has a degree in Computer Games Design and Programming from the University of Westminster.